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Wed, Jun. 21st, 2006, 11:55 pm
The Endless...

Sometime in the darkened quiet of the day, silent and content, the Endless left us. He was five years old.

Endless began his triangular journey as my companion sometime in the fall of 2001. I did not choose him, but rather, he chose me. He called me out, stared me down, and demanded that I take him home. I did. And he was with me throughout the toughest of times. He floated with me all through college, and through the first years of my "careers" after college. At times when everyone else abandoned me, only he remained, and he was always there for me, whenever I needed anyone to listen.

Now, he rests next to a beautiful lake, with stones to keep hidden if he wants, and an arrow to point the way to the water, in case he gets lost. I shed more than a couple of tears at his passing, and I think that his memory will stay alive with me for many years to come. I will miss him.